Project Mission

To encourage dialogue among survivors by sharing my personal story and journey through the healing process.

About Coretta Dixon

My story is one of despair, yet triumph, sadness yet personal victory and liberation. One out of four women are sexually abused and one out of six men have been sexually assaulted. The sad fact is that 90% of all sexual abuse victims know their abuser. What this means is that we have dysfunction in families that causes emotional pain through domestic violence.

Often times, the subject is taboo and, as I once was, victims are discouraged to tell their story. The result is that the victim never gets any help…..until now. I want to help you become a survivor and gain holistic healing by sharing my experiences and personal success story to demonstrate there is healing from sexual abuse and domestic violence today.

I decided to take charge of my life and began the healing process. Through that process, I learned that My God given purpose in life is to empower and encourage survivors to thrive. My hope is that survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse can learn from my experiences and take steps towards healing as I have done.

My name is Coretta Dixon, and I am not surviving, I am thriving. You can too.