My Story. From victim to Life Coach.

My story is one of despair and sadness yet triumph. The impacts of sexual assault are devastating and healing from such is a hard battle to fight. Statistically, 1 out of 4 women and 1 out of 6 men have been sexually abused. 90 percent of sexual victims know their abusers, a factor that worsens emotional pain at home. In most communities, the subject of sexual abuse is a taboo, and as I once was, victims are encouraged to keep the story their top most secret in life. Consequently, this violence remains a recurring wound for the rest of their lives. Through sharing my story and coaching others, I have been able to heal from sexual abuse and I’m delighted to help more victims overcome their past. For me, coaching is beneficial as it fosters positivism on the victims to pursue their life goals.

My coaching style is that of a survivor of sexual abuse and is best described as one full of compassion, faith, enthusiasm and accountability. I combine my personal experience in the long journey of healing, many years of management change experience and education mastery in Training and Development. Most important, my coaching is carried out in a personal manner with an assurance of utmost confidentiality.

Being a survivor of sexual abuse and now thriving, I understand the dimensions of sexual abuse and have what it needs to overcome the sexual assault. Through sharing my story and coaching other victims, I have been able to overcome depression, anger, isolation and self-stigma associated with sexual abuse. Interestingly, I gained a lot of experience in coaching others to overcome the effects of sexual assault. All those who I have coached have given heartfelt testimonies. This is an affirmation that my coaching is very impacting. Since I understand the psychological problems that the sexual abuse victims experience, I have developed a very impacting style of coaching in which others should welcome and allow me to them through their healing process.

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