Holiday Season: A tough time for assault victims coping with depression and other survivors of abuse.

When we think of December’s Holiday Season, the glamour and the frenzy of excitement takes the center stage in our mind. It is all about fun moments, enjoying with friends, family and relatives. To some people, it is a time to give presents, ring in the New Year and share the beautiful moments with others. Indeed, Holidays come once a year, and we must make good use of them to let them be worth remembering. However, to some people, it is not a joyous moment. The situation that the Holidays find them makes it more of a grief than a joy.

I was once in this situation. Struggling with depression during such a joyous time of the year. Depression is one of the challenges that a majority of people face in their lives, especially those women who have been sexually assaulted. Those persisting low moments that you try to overcome but you are unable. Holidays do not bring joy for these individuals at such moments, and perhaps it increases the loneliness in you. Imagine that low moment when people are highly enjoying themselves but you are in a corner of the room struggling with tough thoughts. For me, it was never easy to cope with such a moment in my life. Apparently because most people around you will prefer to enjoy their festivities than come morn with your depression. Coping with depression especially such a time of the year requires you to do something positive and constructive. Do not sit by yourself and hide crying, try to get out and exercise in the morning such as jogging, take a walk during the day, and maybe call a friend to join you for a cup of coffee. This may help you deal with depression during the Holidays.

Many survivors, such as myself, have made advancements to get past depression but still find coping difficult when they remember the ordeals they underwent. Truly, for women who have been abused, it can be hard to be out and enjoy like other people because the events of the fateful day are still crystal clear in their mind. However, as a survivor, don’t give up. You need to take an initiative to change your situation. Talk with your friends and especially those who have undergone similar situations, they will help you deal with it. Consider therapy sessions if need be but do not just stay and cry alone. Take a moment to embrace the Holiday Season and during this time share with others and you will discover the power of sharing pain with others as they help you recover.

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