LaShanda Nalls, LCPC

Strong, courageous, and resilient are a few of many miraculous words to describe Coretta Dixon. Coretta is a survivor of sexual abuse who has defeated symptoms such as depression, anger, fear, isolation, feeling that is was her fault, and unhealthy decision making. She fought a hard long fight and she won, by no means was her healing journey easy, however, she made the choice to heal and got all of her power back that was taken from her.

Coretta is an amazing woman and her spirit sings out through her voice. She feels compelled and has a passion to help other survivors of sexual assault and abuse have a voice as well, so that they will not experience the great impact of their abuse alone. As part of her own healing is to give back, Coretta’s hope is that her story can touch another survivor’s life and encourage them to talk about it and start their journey to healing. Coretta’s inspiration, education, and willingness to share her experience has shaped her to be the phenomenal woman that she is today. Coretta made the great decision to heal and her work will never be done until she instills hope, empower, and be an example that other survivors can do the same.

LaShanda Nalls, LCPC
Rape Victim Advocates

Shantel Allen

Her passion is what sets her apart! I met Coretta M. Dixon at mutual place of employment. We’ve spent countless years in each other’s circle and I’ve really gotten to know her well. I’m captivated by her heart and how she gingerly approaches a delicate situation to ease the feelings of others. During my experience with a career misfortune, Coretta took the time to understand my concern and added feedback that helped me look at my adversity in a positive light. I call her my “let’s figure it out partner.” There has never been a situation that has surfaced that I felt that I couldn’t rely on her for her input, support or direction.  Her allegiance to being a compassionate figure in another’s life is impeccable.  She has truly touched my life in an affectionate way. I’m confident that whatever endeavor that she endures, she’ll conquer it swimmingly. God has truly made his mark on Mrs. Dixon.

- Shantel Allen

Kelly Ware

I relocated to Chicago and was introduced to Coretta through a mutual friend. I was going through a difficult time relocating from my family and friends and being in an unhealthy relationship. Coretta took me under her wings and helped me transition through my hard times. She listened to me without passing judgement and encouraged me to look on the bright side of things. Coretta’s a free spirit with a huge heart. She showed me around Chicago and made me a part of her family. I will be forever grateful for the countless hours she spent on the phone uplifting me. She also encourage me to go school. I'm now studying in criminal justice. Coretta was my Guardian angel and I don't know what I would have done without her during my hard times.

- Kelly Ware

Susan Buss, LCSW

Coretta's story is an inspiring one of triumph over multiple adversities. Yet, she has a unique sense of grace, strength, joyfulness of spirit and a desire to be of service and share her light. Coretta is not a victim. More than a survivor. She's a conqueror. She's been through the fire, over and over, and always comes out the other side. I highly recommend you bring Coretta to share her story with your group or organization!

Susan Buss, LCSW
President, Big Sky Consulting, Inc.

Tiffany Jones, MSW

Coretta Dixon is a brilliant woman who has defied the odds. A survivor of sexual assault, Coretta has chosen to live her best life, not allowing her past to dictate OR limit her future. Coretta is admirable. Her heart is pure as gold, not allowing life to harden her. She remains compassionate and caring, being an ear for many women, passing no judgment but encouragement. Coretta is a help to all and shares her passion for women’s empowerment and the ability to overcome. Coretta is a natural born leader who has a sincere desire to empower others as they strive for healing, wholeness and happiness.

Tiffany Jones, MSW (Master of Social Work)
IL Department of Human Services Case Worker
YWCA Sexual Assault Advocate

Madina Moragne

Coretta Dixon is definitely an Advocate for Empowering Women. Not only is she educated, successful and gorgeous, but she has a beautiful soul. Anytime I would have problems with my marriage, my children or even on my job I could call her anytime and she was right there. To lend a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on or to give me sound advice. I could share with her my inner deepest thoughts regarding things I've been through and could rest assure that it would be confidential. Coretta was never judgmental, she was compassionate, and never told me what she thought I wanted to hear. No she kept it real and told me when I was wrong.

Did I mention that often times she would have her own trials and tribulations to deal with but she'd put them aside to help me. I'm so grateful that God allowed our paths to cross. "God giveth and God taketh away" I met Coretta shortly before my sister passed, although no one could take her place, Coretta certainly has helped to fill that void. She has a warm beautiful smile just like my sister, now if that isn't a confirmation from God.

- Madina Moragne

Latreece Reed

I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Coretta for 11 years. Coretta has been a positive influence in my life, but there were times when we weren’t always at the same place in our lives, but we have always been able to come together and support each other.

Coretta has a way of helping me see “the light” in dark situations. She uses her personal experiences to encourage others. She and I have experienced some difficult times together. I was considering an abortion when I told Coretta I was pregnant with my now 9-year-old son. Coretta looked me in the eyes, tearing up and said “if I can offer any advice, please do not have an abortion because you’ll have to live with that regret for the rest of your life.” That conversation played a huge role in my decision to not terminate my pregnancy. It was as if God sent her to give me a message that helped me walk away feeling stronger than ever. Coretta gave me this message during a time when she was going through her own difficulties and I appreciate her for that. I don’t think she is aware of the impact that conversation had on me and my decision to not terminate my pregnancy. I will always remember the look in her eyes during that pivotal moment in my life.

- Latreece Reed

Kim Kerr, Strategist

Over the past 4 years, I have had the distinct honor of meeting and engaging Coretta Dixon as a colleague, an advocate for women’s leadership and as a leadership coach.  I first met Coretta when we both served as consultants responsible for leading change communication and training for a global IT consulting firm.  While, I client-facing work never crossed lines, I did have the opportunity to see Coretta in action in support of annual corporate training and development as well as employee engagement events.  And, last, but not least, when faced with critical crossroads decision professionally, Coretta offered herself as a resource for sound advice and wise counsel.  In each distinct scenario, I found Coretta to operate in integrity with delivering tactful and straightforward feedback, as well as solutions-based guidance in support of finding a way forward.  

Coretta's cheery, upbeat and optimistic perspective continues to be an inspiration for me personally and for many others that cross paths with her in the corporate arena and in the community.

Kim Kerr, Strategist
A New Dawn Consulting Group
At the Brink of Change
Communications, Event Planning,
Leadership Coaching and Project Management