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If you would like Coretta to share her personal story with your group or organization, have questions regarding coaching or would just like to encourage her journey, please submit an email below.

I am available to speak on the following topics:

I would be delighted to speak with your  regarding a coaching relationship or to be invited to speak with your group or organization in efforts to promote dialogue amongst survivors.

  1. My personal healing journey from childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault.
  2. Before healing. Impacts of not properly healing from traumatic life experience.

Let’s begin the conversation. Please feel free to contact me today so that together we can move past pains and become the survivors that thrive.

There is power in words, there is power in sharing your words, and there is power in sharing your story with a person that is dedicated to seeing you gain strength and thrive in life. The beauty of our story is that we not only survived a terrible experience, but are now, today, in the position to gain full recovery and restoration and thrive more abundantly in life.



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