You Are Enough!

Everyone I know has been quite anxious for summer to arrive. Chicago winters can be long drawn-out affairs that serve up side dishes of crankiness and cabin fever, not to mention the flu. But also a certainty that the sun will fix everything. Well, I personally love summer. I especially love the farmer’s markets with […]

A Lesson On Four Paws

Pets are great teachers. Not necessarily of good manners, but of the things that really matter. I can think of a couple lessons right off the top of my head. First, they’re experts at moving on once something is over. Cat left a little deposit for you that wasn’t where it was supposed to be? […]


That Trigger Has a Safety

Last time we talked about how to help a friend who was also a victim, (click here for blog entry) This time we’re talking about how to help yourself; specifically, one way to begin to “thrive” rather than continue to be a surviving victim. One of the hardest things for anyone surviving trauma—of any kind—is […]


Standing Still, Moving, or Both

I hate waiting. I always have. Today I’m waiting for a friend to show up. I know she’ll be here; she’s always prompt. But it doesn’t make the waiting any easier. Why is waiting so hard? I think it has to do with wanting to move on. We want to skip the waiting and just […]